“A CEO is responsible for the direction of a company and the people in an organization. Period. 
If this company makes mistakes, it’s absolutely my fault.
But the success of our company is due to all of us, working together.
Great things are never built by one person. They are built by a team of dedicated people.
These are those people."

Raj Reddy, CEO

Executive Leadership

Raj Reddy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Clampitt

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Fisk

Chief Project Officer


Daryn George

Senior Vice President, Project Design

Weston Mosburg

Vice President, Media Development

Tanner Johnson

Vice President, Business Development

Victoria Rojo

Vice President, Content Strategy

Development Team

Lauren Jacobsen

Lead Digital Artist

Brenden Vigil

Lead Digital Artist

Omirown Entertainment Group

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