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Omirown is a proud partner and supporter of Someone A World Away (SAWA). SAWA empowers orphans in Kenya to believe that they have futures as productive members of society by providing food, housing, sanitation, healthcare, and love.

SAWA Founder Cara Lawler could not forget the children at El Shadai or their amazing smiles, the abysmal condition of the orphanage, or the ideas she had to improve their future. As a result, she founded SAWA immediately upon her return to the USA. She committed to address the root of their problems, move them away from their dilapidated rental property, and into a new facility to care for children for years to come!  

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Latest News

SAWA Doubles Year Over Year Fundraising

February 7, 2018
SAWA, an organization dedicated  to improving the lives of orphans in Kenya, has doubled the amount of funding it raised in 2016 for the year of 2017. In 2016, SAWA raised close to $71,000. In 2017, the organization raised more than $147,000, more than doubling the amount, allowing for SAWA to continue on its current efforts in building an self-sustainable orphanage just outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

“It’s no surprise that SAWA continues to grow and flourish under Cara’s leadership and focus,” said OEG CEO Raj Reddy on Wednesday. “Her dedication to the work she’s doing in Kenya has lead her to achieve remarkable milestones in the field of international nonprofit work. Her willingness to constantly put the needs of the orphans and SAWA above her own personal and academic aspirations is a level of dedication we at Omirown admire immensely. We are proud to be a full supporting partner of SAWA, and I look forward to continuning to help SAWA reach bigger heights in 2018."

Raj has been on the board of SAWA since January of 2015, and has been passionate about creating a building new ideas for the organization, and helping to oversee SAWA’s business, financial, and operational goals.

Cara Lawler is the founder and CEO of Someone A World Away. She graduated from Chapman University located in Orange, California, in 2011 with two Bachelors of Arts degrees in Music Education and Choral Conducting. She was the recipient of the 2014 IVHQ Volunteer of the Year Award ($5,000) and the 2015 Albert Schweitzer Rising Star Award from Chapman University ($5,000). Cara is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Organizational Development at the United States International University Africa located in Nairobi, Kenya. 

How To Help

Monthly Membership

You may enter any amount you would like to give monthly. The need for financial support is always ongoing, and a monthly donation will ensure that we can continue to provide support to the children for needs such as food, water, supplies, medical care, school fees.

One Time Donation

We appreciate any and all support you can give to SAWA. Every donation we receive adds up to big results! Click below and you can enter any amount to donate.

Use of Funds

Below are several of the causes that the funds raised by SAWA go to.

The Children’s Fund

Before the sponsorship program, many basic needs were only filled when Cara or other volunteers were in town to purchase items for the kids. Now, each month, a portion of the sponsorship donations is set aside to cover these essentials. This has included school uniforms, new shoes, haircuts, and backpacks, and more.

Stable Rent Fund

For years, El Shadai lived solely off of donations from local well-wishers and volunteers. There was never a guarantee that there would be enough money for rent. Several times their rent was late, and they risked eviction. Now they know without a doubt that the children will have a roof over their heads each month until the new orphanage is built.

On-Site Staff Fund

In the past, the orphanage director was only able to pay staff members what was leftover at the end of the month after covering basic expenses like rent, food, and school fees. Most months, staff received nothing. Now that SAWA can provide salary, there is a work schedule in place to provide proper care for the children at all times. This structure has improved the sanitary living conditions, decreased the amount of time children spend on household work, and increased the amount of time they can dedicate to their studies.

Education Fund

One of the most important things to provide for these children is a proper education. They now attend local private schools, which are far superior to the giant public school they used to attend. Some of the high school students who perform well are supported by their sponsors to attend boarding schools. This is a privilege, not only to be given money for more expensive tuition, supplies, pocket money, and travel expenses; but also to be given the opportunity to focus solely on their studies without being distracted by other responsibilities at home.

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