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While we are proud to call Colorado our beautiful home, OEG manages projects and connects with mentors and organizations from around the country. We are proud to have incredible partners who help realize our vision.


Entrepreneurs and philanthropists Curt and Nancy Richardson are deeply committed to the communities in which they live and work. As the family office for the Richardsons, Blue Ocean fuels business activities and investments that share the family's passions and strengths. Blue Ocean creates or invests in businesses that align with its mission, "We Grow to Give," and have a passion for innovation and economic growth. While the companies and organizations that Blue Ocean chooses to invest in are diverse, they tend to share common traits, including an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and innovation. These business activities and entities stimulate the economy and community engagement, thus improving the energy and vitality of the community.

4GenNow connects Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer and Gen Z entrepreneurs looking to create successful intergenerational startups. Angel investors prefer to invest in startups with two or more co-founders with complementary skills and experiences. The problem is that most investors shy away from older entrepreneurs who are at the end of their careers, as well as younger, less experienced business owners. 4GEN is the first platform that matches younger and seasoned entrepreneurs - from 4 Generations - to meet, get to know, then launch intergenerational startups.

"What I am most impressed with Raj and OEG is their intergenerational approach to brand building. In addition to creating an elegant entertainment company, Raj has assembled a generationally diverse team - including key advisors - that span multiple generations. As 'like-minded teams maintain while diverse team innovate,' working with Raj and OEG will turn out to be one of 4GenNow's best decisions."
Jim Sugarman
Co-Founder, 4GenNow

Galvanize campuses are home to entrepreneurs, startups, Fortune 500s, data scientists, developers, and everyone in between. With a Galvanize Corporate Membership up to 100 of your employees will get access to our energetic and innovative campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle.

We are thankful to Jim Deter and the rest of the Galvanize family for their wisdom and help during Omirown’s early days. 

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