News from 2017
OEG Appoints Victoria Rojo as Vice President of Content Strategy


Omirown Entertainment Group is proud to appoint Victoria Rojo as the new Vice President of Content Strategy. 

“Victoria has a natural ability to successfully and effectively oversee and edit entertainment concepts developed by OEG, regardless of its intended creative or marketing purpose,” said OEG CEO Raj Reddy. “I’m incredibly excited to welcome her to the team and I look forward to all she will accomplish and bring to the table."

As the new Vice President of Content Strategy, Victoria is primarily responsible for helping to refine and ensure in-house entertainment projects developed by OEG each have a unique brand voice associated with the proposals. In addition, she possesses an incredible amount of copywriting and scriptwriting talent for OEG projects, and will work closely with other departments to bring content projects to life.

OEG Appoints Ben Fisk as Vice President of Creative Development


Omirown Entertainment Group is proud to appoint Ben Fisk as the new Vice President of Creative Development. Ben has been writing for over 10 years and has completed seven books. He is also an award-winning public speaker, and is practiced in writing for a wide variety of platforms.

“Ben carries within him the creative ability to visualize, develop, and write incredbile stories,” said OEG CEO Raj Reddy. “I’m excited to welcome Ben to the OEG team. We all expect him to do extroadinary things as he runs wild as our new Vice President of Creative Development at OEG."

Ben has lived in Colorado his whole life, and relishes the opportunity to take on a challenge, be it an academic endeavor or a haphazard adventure in the wilderness. His downtime is frequently spent playing Dungeons & Dragons, usually running a campaign he wrote himself. Ben is determined to foster a voice that encompasses the passion and drive of the entire Omirown team.

OEG Appoints Daryn George as Vice President of Project Design


Omirown Entertainment Group is proud to appoint Daryn George as the new Vice President of Project Design. Daryn has grown up with a passion for the entertainment industry, and has innate knowledge of several creative areas, including acting, film making, and graphic design.

“Daryn’s passion and unique talent for what he does is vital to OEG’s project development phases,” said OEG CEO Raj Reddy. "Daryn is able to take ideas and bring them to life in his own unique way - a uniqueness that has caught the attention of several serious entertainment companies and established creative professionals."

Daryn found a passion in drawing as a teenager and has slowly created a style of his own. His art varies from old-fashioned, graphite portraits to digital cartooning and painting. He is thrilled to bring his passion for drawing and design to a place where he can do exactly what he loves, while helping build OEG's vision.

Omirown To Officially Begin Developing Animated Show in California


OEG is proud and excited to announce that production of an original animated series based on OEG's own privately developed intellectual property has officially entered production. Creative development of the show is set to begin in late 2017. A partnership between Omirown and Emmy award winning writers is currently in the works, with more details to be announced as creative production begins.

Omirown CEO Raj Reddy arrived in Los Angeles this week to begin holding production talks with production studios in the Los Angeles area.

“Today is a remarkable day for the company, and a testament to the resilience of this company and its people,” said Mr. Reddy. “We have been working towards closing this opportunity all year. I’m truly proud to announce this project, and humbled by the names of those we will be working with. We wouldn’t have gotten here today without our mentors, advisors, and all those who helped us prepare. We have something absolutely incredible in the works, something I can’t wait to share with the world next year.

News from 2014
OtterBox Founder, Curt Richardson, To Mentor Raj Reddy


Curt Richardson and Raj Reddy will participate in weekly mentoring sessions. These sessions will play a vital role in strategic planning for Omirown Entertainment. These sessions will take place in Ft. Collins, sometimes taking place at OtterBox's Headquarters and other time at Blue Ocean Enterprises.

Curt Richardson is the founder of OtterBox.

During these sessions, Curt will mentor Raj in the ways of corporate business. He will teach Raj about specific issues, particular skills, and resources. It will be Curt’s job to push Raj out of his current comfort zone as CEO.

Omirown expects this mentorship between Curt and Raj to be one of the most valuable assets the company has or will ever have. This relationship will be career-focused and for the purpose of professional development.

“It’s completely unreal,” says CEO Raj Reddy. “To be able to work and learn from Curt is one of the greatest honors I’ve been given in my life. I’ve learned that there is still so much I have to learn about being a great CEO. I’ve learned that the road is long, but with Curt’s help, I will make it someday.”

“I think Raj has the DNA of a great entrepreneur,” says Curt. “His zeal for life and zeal of business really intrigued me from the moment I met him. I expect to see him on the front of INC.”

Curt Richardson is the founder of OtterBox incorporated, a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company. It is one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States, despite economic conditions. The company is a global protector of premiere technology geared towards protective solutions for handheld technology.

Curt will provide both professional and personal support. We believe that through this relationship, the company will experience phenomenal growth. Mentorship has always been one of the most powerful ways that a company and its leader can grow. The role of a mentor is a powerful personal and career development tool.

Televised Entrepreneurial Competition Nearing

Omirown and its CEO Raj Reddy (along with four other finalists) have been selected to compete for $50,000 in prize money at the college’s fifth annual Entrepreneurial Challenge, which will be will be broadcast as a television program March 29, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. on KTVD Channel 20 and later streamed on

The five finalists will present their business plans to a panel of judges in a “Shark Tank” format at 9NEWS studios in Denver. KUSA-TV/9NEWS is partnering with UNC’s Monfort College of Business to promote and broadcast the Entrepreneurial Challenge. 9NEWS will produce a web broadcast to be distributed on 9NEWS.COM, as well as a recorded television program airing on March 29, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. Gregg Moss, business reporter and 9NEWS anchor, will again be the emcee for the event.

In addition to the prize money, winners will receive business incubator services from UNC BizHub, the new business incubator at the University of Northern Colorado. Winners will also be recognized that night during the Bravo! Entrepreneur Awards in Loveland, a Northern Colorado Business Report event sponsored by the college.
Judges for the Entrepreneurial Challenge include Dick Monfort, owner and CEO of the Colorado Rockies;  Brad Cheedle, Senior Vice President of Business Services for WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone; Chris Onan, co-founder and managing director of Galvanize.  

Omirown Bests Over A Dozen Companies to Compete in Colorado-based Entrepreneurial Challenge

After professional review of 30 Colorado companies, Omirown CEO Raj Reddy competed with 17 other companies in the preliminary challenge of the annual 2014 Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Competition this morning. After a morning of fierce competition, Omirown was chosen to be one of only five finalists in the competition. The finals for this event will take place in Denver, Colorado. It will be broadcasted as a television program at 9:30 P.M. on March 29, 2014, on KTVD Channel 20 and later streamed on

Omirown Establishes Partnership with Blue Ocean Enterprises


Omirown is proud to announce its partnership with Blue Ocean Enterprises, a Colorado based company founded in 2011 by Curt and Nancy Richardson. Blue Ocean's goal is to commit capital to only the most promising businesses, by way of strategic investments in both the company and an in commercial real estate, all while supporting the local community through its philanthropic organization, The Richardson Foundation.

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