What is Omirown?

Omirown is an entertainment company that develops in-house, trademarked, and scaleable intellectual entertainment  property. 

What type of company is Omirown?

Omirown is a privately held and funded limited liability company.

Where is Omirown located?

Omirown is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Through our partnership with Galvanize, we enjoy meeting spaces in 6 total states in some of the fastest growing technology cities in the United States. 

What is Omirown’s current focus?

We are currently focused on holding investment discussions with entertainment executives, writers and producers. We are looking to further our success and the success of other creatives by creating large scale entertainment entertainment partnerships, specifically with animated shows, games, television, and feature films.

Who is Omirown lead by?

Omirown is lead by Raj Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of Omirown Entertainment Group. Raj Reddy founded Omirown out of his Colorado bedroom at the age of 16. By age 18, he had taken Omirown through its first seed and series B investment funding rounds.



 Entertainment Partnership

Omirown is currently holding investment discussions with entertainment producers.


Industry Focus Restructure

Omirown shifts interest in development into both mobile applications and television simultaneously. 


Corporate Restructing 

Omirown undergoes major corporate restructing. 


Series B
Investment Stage

Round 2 stage level funding is recieved. A mobile game is developed professionally and is deployed internationally. First revenue. 


Seed Investment

Omirown recieves its first discovery stage startup founding, to test development of a mobile game for the Apple App Store.


Founding Date

Omirown begins as a high school project by Raj Reddy and James Dinneen .


Omirown is a privately held entertainment organization. 

Financial information is made available upon pre-verification of a scheduled meeting between a third party entertainment organization and Omirown.


Access to entertainment intellectual property developed by Omirown Entertainment Group is granted upon pre-verification of a scheduled meeting between a third party entertainment organization and Omirown.

How do I get verifed by to access Omirown's financial and intellectual property information?

Omirown welcomes all and any potential conversations with entertainment companies or individuals across the United States.
However, companies and individuals that meet any or all of the following requirements listed below will be granted special and priority consideration.
- National or international multi-media entertainment company
- National or international liscensing and branding organizations
- Individuals who hold senior titles at content development firms with established  track records of success

To request access, contact Omirown at:

Email must be sent from a verifed corporate domain (i.e.: emails from @gmail, @icloud, @yahoo, and @bing or other freeley available, unverifiable emails will automatically be ignored)

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