Daryn George

Senior Vice President - Project Design

Daryn George is OEG’s Senior Vice President of Project Design, reporting to CEO Raj Reddy. He previously served as OEG’s Vice President of Project Design.

Daryn is primarily responsible for the all areas related to graphically illustrating visually stunning concepts of OEG’s in-house entertainment projects. Through his talented artistic hands, he has been successful in illustrating and capturing the attention of several key strategic partners. Daryn possesses something that OEG values deeply - an effortless natural attention to the intricate creative difficulties associated with complex character and story development.

Since joining OEG in October of 2017, Daryn has successfully brought to life over 50 recorded characters, environments, and other supporting creative elements to all of OEG’s in-house development entertainment content. As a result, he has been instrumental in creating a demanding visual presence for OEG projects, and is directly responsible for attracting industry leading producers and partners, all the while being instrumental in completing key company growth goals.

Daryn has grown up with a passion for the entertainment industry; bouncing from acting, film making, to graphic design. He found a passion in drawing as a teenager and has slowly created a style of his own. His art varies from old-fashioned, graphite portraits to digital cartooning and painting. He is thrilled to bring his passion for drawing and design to a place where he can do exactly what he loves, while helping build OEG’s vision. 


Anything from the sea


Coffee Flavored Ice Cream


Long Island Iced Tea


Rick & Morty


Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


Will be totally laid back when you spell his name wrong 

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