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For OtterBox founder Curt Richardson (whose company was named on Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies to watch), investing in a then 18 year old college freshmen named Raj Reddy was an important decision. Not only did Curt’s investment lift Omirown, it allowed Raj and his team to create his first major entertainment idea for mobile games. Today, Omirown has grown to develop major content for other companies which has grown the company exponentially. 

Executive Leadership

Raj Reddy - CEO, Omirown Entertainment Group

Raj Reddy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omirown Entertainment. He started Omirown in 2011 at the age of 16 as a high school student. By age 18, he successfully led the company through its seed and capital funding stages.

As founder and CEO, Raj has been primarily responsible for the continued growth of OEG, which has grown from a computer project to being poised to make waves in the world of television. He is also a national public speaker, having been both the workship and keynote speaker for the Future Business Leaders of America organization for the past 6 years.

Under Raj’s direction, OEG has developed several mobile gaming titles, with two more groundbreaking projects in the works. He has held conversations with several major production studios around the United States, and is constantly looking to network with like-minded individuals in the industry. He has been mentored under some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the country, including Curt Richardson, Jim Parke, and Ryan Speir. 

Board of Advisors

Curt Richardson - Founder, OtterBox Inc.

Curt Richardson is the founder, chairman, and former CEO of OtterBox, the innovative company of protective solutions for leading global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors. It was recently named #10 on Forbes Most Promising Companies. In early 2014, Curt's investment company, Blue Ocean Enterprises, made an Angel Investment in Omirown. This furthered Omirown's development.

Curt is Raj's mentor and teaches him about global business, communication, corporate culture, and many other aspects of what it takes to build and create a business that people want to be a part of. Through his mentorship, Raj is quickly learning what it takes to be a great CEO.

Jim Parke - CEO, Blue Ocean Enterprises/OtterBox Inc.

As CEO of Otter Products, Jim Parke drives strategic development for a global mobile accessory leader. Parke brings to this role a deep understanding of corporate structure and finance as well as experience developing and mentoring start-up and early stage companies.

Parke also serves as the president and CEO for Blue Ocean Enterprises Inc. where he manages all operations for the company, including the real estate and professional services functions of the company. He’s held this role for more than three years and has overseen the formation and acquisition of new business ventures ranging from start-up companies to multinational corporations. Prior to this role, Parke served as the Chief Legal Officer for both Blue Ocean Enterprises Inc. and Otter Products, LLC.

Parke received a juris doctor degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. and an LL.M. in taxation from New York University School of Law. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.

Ryan Speir - Business Development Expert

Ryan Speir is a corporate business and software specialist. By the numbers, Ryan is a 3-time startup founder, 5-time corporate executive, and a 7-time startup executive. He ran the University of Northern Colorado's Business Incubator program which helped entrepreneurs develop.

Ryan's phenominal business experience has advanced Omirown to post some of the strongest growth numbers ever for a Colorado startup. His knowledge in business strategy, coupled with his legendary mentoring skills all deep passion for entrepreneurship and economic development has allowed Ryan to become one of the most celebrated business leaders in the Northern Colorado area.

Ronald Reed - Director, Financial Executive International

Ronald Reed is an experienced financial and accounting individual who has worked with big public accounting firms such as Ernst & Young and KPMG Peat Marwick. He has first hand experience in consulting numerous businesses, developing financial educational courses along the way.

Ronald's financial and accounting experience serves a key role in Omirown. With his help, Omirown has been able to deploy effective methods to track and report financial data. He is a member of both the AICPA and the CSCPA, and is one of only six directors on Financial Executive International's Leadership Board. He is on the Board of Trustees and also serves as vice-chair of the CSCPA Education Foundation.

Lee Yoder - Chief Executive Officer, Herbies & Weld County Garage

Lee Yoder is the manager of the Weld Country Garage, which was founded in Greeley, Colorado in 1908. It is the oldest Buick dealership west of the Mississippi, having been locally owned and operated since 1908. Under Lee, it has maintained its outstanding reputation for over 30 years.

Lee is responsible for having been the first investor in Omirown in its earliest days. In October of 2013, Lee made a seed investment that furthered product development and saved current operations. Lee is known for being an incredibly passionate businessmen, a passion perhaps only exceeded by his caring for youth entrepreneurs. To Raj and the rest of the Omirown team, he represents the ideal business culture.

Jeff McNair - Former Executive Chief of Staff, Hewlett-Packard Inc.

Jeff McNair is a global management expert, with over 28 years of experience at Hewlett-Packard. While at HP, Jeff completed management assignments in marketing, research development, products, sales, strategy and planning, while also managing hardware and software.

Jeff's outstanding experience in various cross-functional areas that he teaches Raj has been incredible. With successful leadership roles at many software startups, he brings incredible insight into building and maintaining world-class software and world-class employees/teams. Jeff holds an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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