Ben Fisk

Chief Project Officer

Ben Fisk is OEG’s Chief Project Officer, reporting to CEO Raj Reddy. He previously served as OEG’s Senior Vice President of Creative Development and Vice President of Project Development.

Ben is primarily responsible for the creative development and written adaptation of some of OEG’s most successful in-house entertainment projects. His exemplary screenwriting, written, oral, and people skills have allowed him to develop entirely new but subconsciosuly familiar entertainment concepts and stories that are directly responsible for several high-profile meetings and discussions, leading to the rapid advancement of OEG’s entertainment expansion.

Since joining OEG in October of 2017, Ben has been directly responsible in swiftly moving forward the creative production of the company's most time-sensitive projects. He is directly responsibel for reducing 3-4 week production times for written and storyboarding elements down to an average of 10 days. This is the direct result of Ben’s natural ability to simultaneously develop as well as accurately recall hundreds of intricate script, plot, character, location, storyline, and key creative development pieces - all at once.

Ben graduated with Honors from Colorado State University with a BA in Communication Studies in 2016. He has been writing continuously for over ten years and has completed seven books, two of which are available at Amazon (Osprey’s Cabin & Glimpse). Ben is also an award-winning public speaker, and is practiced in writing for a wide variety of platforms.

Ben has lived in Colorado his whole life, and relishes the opportunity to take on a challenge, be it an academic endeavor or a haphazard adventure in the wilderness. His downtime is frequently spent playing Dungeons & Dragons, usually running a campaign he wrote himself. Ben is determined to foster a voice that encompasses the passion and drive of the entire Omirown team. 


Pork Chops


Cookie Dough Ice Cream


Adios Mother Fucker


Bojack Horseman


Sterling Archer


Working in the fashion industry without anyone discovering he’s badly Red/Green colorblind 

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